Four words define Make it Mac’s Makerspace.

Cooperation – We realize there are many ways people like to work, but cooperation is at the base of who we are. We know that working as part of a team can be rewarding, just as some space to work independently is important. Sometimes it’s essential to reach out to others in order to learn new things. Sometimes just having a new set of eyes allows you to go above and beyond where you were. We are here to help you become the best you want to be.

Image result for dragon bench

Creativity – We encourage creativity. Without creativity we wouldn’t have so many wonderful pieces of art, like the Mona Lisa, the Harry Potter Series, or even a wooden bench made to look like a dragon.

Education – We want to help you learn as much as you can. Education is one of the best things in life. Learning can be a fun and valuable experience. Remember even if we don’t know the answer, we are willing to assist you to find it.

Support – As you learn new skills here at Make-It Mac’s Makerspace, we are here to help you learn and are able to teach you what we know.

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