What is a Makerspace?


As Central Minnesota’s first Makerspace, Make It Mac’s operates much like your local gym. However, instead of dumbbells and ellipticals, members pay a fee to gain access to woodworking tools and other manufacturing equipment. Our mission is to promote cooperation and creativity through education and support by providing makers with the resources they need to explore, learn, and develop skills for their hobby or career. 


NEXT CLASS: Saturday, May 1st – April Showers Bring May Flowers Class for Kids (Ages 3+)

Every month Make It Mac’s will offer classes to both members and non-members. Class cost will vary depending on the project and the materials needed. Makers will have access to all the tools and material for the class and will be able to bring home their work at the end. Check out our upcoming classes here.

An All-Inclusive Community Workshop


Whether you’re an expert, or you’ve never picked up a hammer, you’re welcome here. Our makerspace provides all the tools you need to a your next project using 3D printing, welding, machining, carpentry, and blacksmithing equipment. With the right tools, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.


Become a member or join us for a day!
Why become a member? 
Members of Make It Mac’s will receive discounted rates and access to all equipment and support during our hours of operation. Members will also receive access to our member consignment store where we advertise and sell your item either out of the makerspace or online

Ultimately, the value members will receive from our Makerspace can’t be measured by price as the ability to use our level of equipment for a cost this low is immeasurable.
Member Pricing

Make It Mac’s member pricing is tiered and ranges from $58 to $80 per month, discounts for purchasing multiple months at a time are available. We will never charge you extra to use a machine or for consumables such as welding wire, welding gas, grinding wheels, 3D printer filament, etc. The only thing a member is responsible for outside of their membership fee, is their materials. View our membership packages here.

Day Passes
Day passes to Make It Mac’s are available for $20. Makers will buy a day pass for various reasons like exploring our equipment before buying a full membership or to finish a quick project.