Getting to know us!

Hello. I hope you are having a great day. It was a pretty good day here in northern Minnesota. Just a bit windy, but the sun was out and I think we had a high of 37 degrees. 

To start my name is Matthew and currently I’m the Social Media and Marketing Intern. This means I deal with the website, and Facebook, and Instagram pages. Plus I’m responsible for product branding and creating our marketing plan.  Over the coming months you will see new things going up, so if you haven’t started following us, please consider it now. You can find us on Facebook at Make It Mac’s Makerspace, on Instagram as MakeItMacs, or at our website.

Now a little about me.  I’m a senior at Concordia College, Moorhead who will soon be graduating with a business degree and a concentration specifically in Marketing.  As of today, it’s 58 days until graduation. Can you tell I’m just a little excited to be finishing one stage in life and starting a new one. 

I love cooking and baking for family and friends.  Recently I made my Pop’s a large batch of fudge because he wanted to enjoy some of my homemade goodies.  I have put myself through school by working as the student facilities supervisor. And I enjoy collecting Funko Pops.  Give me half a chance and I’ll tell you about them. In addition to this I enjoy writing and have worked on several novels, short stories, and even a few poems.  And if this wasn’t enough I play Runescape and watch my older brother play Fortnite.

My guess is you are here not to learn about me, but rather about Make It Mac’s Makerspace.  I just got back from spending several days working with my bosses as we developed a plan of how to move forward.  My current short term goals include creating a greater presence for us on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll also be blogging about what is happening in St. Cloud.  Come back to learn more and know we are always looking for a couple more investors as we get off the ground and into our beautiful building. 

So until next time, remember you are a valued member of the community and we at Make-It Mac’s care about you.

– Matthew

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